Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Would You Wear It?

Still too busy for blogging, alas. Even though I have several reviews partially written, and an idea simmering for a post comparing a handful of lavenders, too many other obligations are tugging at my pant legs just now. M. and I will be heading to Boston tomorrow for a couple of well-needed days of eating, shopping, and museum visiting in a city that actually has ample opportunity for all of the above (unlike our beloved L-town). Unfortunately, even a couple of days of vacation invariably means finalizing more work than is humanly possible before leaving. Its a vicious, vicious cycle ... If any of you know of someone who is interested in financially supporting a poor overworked boi who just wants to read all day, send them my way. I can be very endearing when I want to be ...

In the meantime, here's a little perfume humor courtesy of The Onion.

The question is: If Authorité were real, would you wear it?


BitterGrace said...

Here's how far gone I am: "Notes of patent leather, sandalwood and wool serge" actually sound kinda nice to me. I'd smell like Barbara Stanwyck in those, wouldn't I?

Hillary would never wear anything that interesting. I'm guessing she's a Liz Claiborne gal.

jmcleod76 said...

Really, Claibourne? I'm no Hil fan, but I'd give her more credit than that.

Anyway, Hillary aside, I thought the description was compelling, too. Besides, I find authoritative women incredibly sexy. I mean, seriously, "This is a controlled, competent, and, above all, patient essence that makes men (or bois?) sit up, take notice, and not speak until spoken to." Rawr ... yes ma'am!

BitterGrace said...

Okay, maybe not Claiborne--but something very mainstream. HRC is not one to wander off the beaten path.

Having a certain air of authority was once essential to being chic. I can't think of any current style icon who has it. I guess you were born too late, J.

julie said...

Considering I teach middle school, this might fit the bill ;)