Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Apologies to Azzaro

Hello, dear readers (all four of you).

I know I warned you all at the outset that I was likely to lose interest in this blog, but I don't suppose any of you thought I meant after only a few posts. Well, I haven't! I've had a monster cold for the last few weeks, which left any sniffing-type activiy more or less out of the question. I'm feeling a bit better now, and will soon be able to commence with the smellage.

I don't have a new review today, but I have a few lined up for the coming weeks. I just wanted to check in and say "hello." Also, a little housekeeping ... In my last post, I compared Azzaro Pour Homme to Old Spice and, while noting that the former was more subtle and pleasing than the latter, suggested that one might as well just save some money and buy the Old Spice.

Since then, I've had occasion to sample some Old Spice, which I haven't actually smelled in many years (since my dad stopped wearing it when I was in high school). And when I say "sample," I mean I covertly splashed some on at the local Rite Aid a few weeks ago. Shhh. Anyway, while the Old Spice was pleasant enough at first, it quickly turned bitter, excessively soapy (like Lava soapy), dank, and way too loud for my liking. After about an hour, I scrubbed it off.

So, I'm forced to rescind my previous pronouncement and admit that Azzaro Pour Homme is, by far, the nicer fragrance. It does project a similar character to Old Spice, but does so with much more restraint and charm.

Huh, now that that I think of it, I guess that was a new review, after all.

Image note: A schooner, like the one that Old Spice has used on its bottles for decades. I love schooners. Here in Maine, there are companies that will take you out for a schooner cruise along the coast, for an afternoon, overnight, or even a week. I never saw myself as a "cruise person," but my mouth has been watering at the prospect of taking one of these trips for the last several years.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Azzaro Pour Homme = Bottled Machismo (In the Best Possible Way)

Azzaro Pour Homme isn’t bad … Not bad at all! My first sniff reminded me of my dad's Old Spice, but it mellowed on my skin to something less over-the-top testosterone-y. It was still spicy and clean smelling, and the Old Spice resemblance never completely faded, but there are much worse things than smelling like Old Spice.

In addition to the spiciness, there's a definite sweetness there, too. Vanilla? I think so. I’m noticing that my skin (or nose?) seems to pull out the sweetest notes in almost anything I wear. Scents that guys review as “animalic” or “woodsy” smell almost gourmand on me. That’s an interesting trend for me to note.

I enjoy this well enough, but I don't think I would buy a bottle. It's not something I would wear on a regular basis. It would be too rugged for me to pull off, I think, unless I were in deep drag ... blue collar drag, not the awkwardly, scruffily, dandified boi I like to pull out on occasion. If I did ever want to smell like this – and the possibility isn’t out of the question – I might just save myself a few dimes and opt for the Old Spice, instead.

Image note: I think the kind of guy who would wear Azzaro Pour Homme is the same kind of guy who might have a poster of this pin-up girl hanging on his wall. Heck, who could blame him …

UPDATE: I've since revised my opinion that one would be just as well off buying Old Spice. See my follow-up post.